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Thank You Master Gardeners and Douglas County

     A group of Douglas County Master Gardeners are growing produce for the Parker Task Force in the Hidden Mesa Open Space area. In 2013 the gardeners delivered nearly 3000 pounds of vegetables and fruits to the Task Force.  The clients really enjoy the garden fresh produce.  Since the Task Force normally buys produce, we save money while providing high quality nutritious food to the clients.  We appreciate and enjoy the partnership with the Master Gardeners.

     2015 is the fourth year for the garden and the first year that they built raised planter boxes.  They bent electrical conduit to form hoops that are covered with agribond fabric to provide protection from weather and pests.  The PTF will have a record of how much produce and what varieties have been brought in this season. In 2014 the garden produced over 2000 pounds of produce and in prior years due to better weather conditions even more.

Volunteer Master Gardener Gary standing next to the snow pea plant that is growing up the trellis

Zucchini Squash







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